We are a company founded in 2010 focused on developing business in an efficient manner. With our broad networking, knowledge, experience and complexity management, we are able to add value to a globalizing world. Our management team has around 80 years of knowledge and experience. Our mission includes generating benefits by trading and manufacturing projects of chemical and petrochemical products, in order to develop a growing and profitable projects in Colombia and the region.


Oscar Restrepo




Organizational Strategic leader with Important ability for creating appropriate business solutions. Experience in trading, manufacturing-oriented companies, with a wide international scope.  Experience in commercial expansion, operations optimization in the supply chain and development of human talent. Competencies to create synergies to manage initiatives that promote the profitable growth of the business.


Ricardo Londoño

Operations Director



Civil Engineer, MBA with an emphasis in finance. Has worked in the entrepreneurial business of international trade, organizational consultant, renowned translator from English interpreter. High capacity for implementation and follow-up of action plans, achievement-oriented.

Mariluz Villegas

Commercial Director

International negotiator, with expertise in marketing and specialization in logistics. Consultant and mentor of the Chamber of Commerce. Solid experience in sales, marketing, market research, branding and communications for multinational companies. 

Martha Medina

Administrative Director


Industrial Engineer, majoring in engineering management systems. Experience in sales, administration, customer service, and logistics. Has worked in companies in the sector of communications, consumer goods, and plastics.  

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